Taste the healthiest, freshest, mineral-rich water straight from your kitchen tap


Ionized Alkaline 

Water Filtration System


Reverse Osmosis 

Drinking System


Antioxidant Mineralized 

Alkaline Filter (AMAF)


De-chlorinates water supplies & eliminates the effects of hard water

CitiPure Systems Remove harmful contaminants

  • Typical municipal water often contains chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, metals (mercury, lead, arsenic), chemicals, bacteria and more.


CitiPure Systems Replenish with natural minerals


  • Most water drinking systems reduce not only contaminants, but essential minerals from the water; therefore, re-mineralization is required to ensure the naturally occurring minerals are present.


CitiPure systems Restore body pH balance


  • The pH level (acid - alkaline measurement) of our body internal fluids affects the functioning of the cells in our bodies. Competitor's water filter systems and contaminants found in unfiltered water typically leave the water acidic.


Restructures small water cluster for better hydration


  • This smaller cluster size means that the water can be more easily absorbed into the cells, thereby providing superior hydration for the body and helping to dissolve and flush out acidic solid waste and toxins that have accumulated in the body.


Infuse hydrogen molecules to detoxify body cells


  • Molecular hydrogen (H2), working at the cellular level to boost metabolism, fight fatigue and relieve inflammation and reduce stress, re-charging your metabolism and revitalizing your body.


CitiPure ensures great natural spring water taste


  • Why drink it if it tastes bad? Great tasting water is fundamental to ensuring proper hydration. When the water tastes bad people often select alternatives that are full of sugar such as sodas or acidic - such as tea or coffee.


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