At CitiPure, our goal is to make water simple again. To provide our shared community with the tools and knowledge, products and services to create healthy, great tasting and safe drinking water without complications or compromise.

Our philosophy:

  • Safe drinking water should not be burdened with unnecessary packaging, cost, concern or worry.
  • Drinking water should be affordable, safe, sustainable, easy and fun. Our drinking water should not be shipped around the world, stored in plastic or chlorinated.
  • We are what we drink and what we drink does make a difference to our health, our finances, our freedom and our shared environment.

CitiPure offers consumers pure, refreshing water, with all of the harmful contaminants removed. And the best part is that it can be used with any tap water source, saving money and the planet. CitiPure is going to revolutionize the water industry, finally giving people everywhere the healthy water they deserve without having to pollute the world in the process.  At CitiPure, our mission is to hydrate the world in the best way possible. We strive to provide our customers with the greatest tasting, purest and healthiest water available, while contributing to a cleaner planet. We strongly believe that lives can, and will, be changed one glass of water at a time. At CitiPure, we admit to having some pretty lofty goals and hope that we can count on you for feedback, support and direction as we grow.

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