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Why our system is different from the traditional water filtration system?

Other than the removing chlorine, insecticides, herbicides, chemicals, drugs, odour and heavy metals, it can also remove the following:

  • Bacteria Reduction (E.coli, Cholera, Salmonella) 99.99%
  • Remove Fluoride
  • Remove Chloramine

Remove only harmful toxins (no fluoride, no chloromine, no lead, no chemicals, no chlorine, no bacteria, no drugs) but keep all minerals from your tap water

Remove Harmful Toxins by Filtering Your Water

CitiPure’s filtration products remove harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Learn more about what you might be encountering in your water supply below:

  • Pharmaceuticals
    Tap water supplies have shown levels of prescription drugs including hormones, antibiotics, and more
  • Chlorine By-Products
    Though chlorine is a disinfectant, its resulting effects can lead to illness and the bad taste associated with tap water
  • Fluoride
    Excessive intake of fluoride can lead to the severe and permanent bone and joint deformations of skeletal fluorosis
  • Bacteria
    As resistance develops, bacteria can surpass residential filtration systems and be found in city water supplies
  • Heavy Metals
    Plumbing can contain lead and other metals that enters water before being consumed.


Restore H2O to it’s Fullest Natural State with 4 Steps of Filtration

CitiPure Mineralized Alkaline Water filtration system mimics the natural process of mineralization to create perfectly balanced alkaline water. Each step works towards re-engineering water to it’s truest, nutrient-rich form:

  • Kieselguhr
    Ceramic Removes rust, sediments, germs, parasites and 99.99% of bacteria, pathogenic organisms and Cyst from tap water (E. coli, Vibrio Cholera, Shigella, Klebsiella Terrigena, Typhoid, Cryptosporidium, Giardia)
  • Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Media
    Remove Heavy Metals (Lead, Mercury, Copper, Aluminum, Cadmium etc)
  • Activated Coconut Carbon
    Remove Chlorine, Chloramine, Chemicals, Bad Tastes, Odours and Trace organics including insecticides & herbicides
  • Activated Alumina
    Remove Fluoride, Arsenic, Nitrates, Nitrites, Tannins, Perchlorate.

70 percent of earth is made up of water and so is human body. If water can be a life saving resource, at times it can be life threatening when it is impure. Human body needs pure water that is rich in vitamins and minerals. In today's polluted environment, none of the water sources are safe and home purifier systems too do not guarantee one hundred percent purified water that has all the appropriate mineral contents.


Benefits unlimited

When you want the purest, healthiest, best tasting water possible, the Water Filtration System by CitiPure is ideal for you. It transforms ordinary tap water into extraordinary water with the help of an advanced four-step filtration system. As your water works its way through the filter, all of the harmful contaminants will be removed, ensuring you are only drinking the good stuff. Our filter is made in U.S.A., BPA free and NSF certified to ensure high quality. But it doesn’t stop there. As a result, you will feel more alive. 


Your body will operate more efficiently; giving you improved energy and less illness. Instead of filling your body full of chlorine, lead, mercury, bacteria and pathogens, you will be enjoying water the way it was intended to be. The water will leave your body feeling revitalized, renewed, and refreshed.


Whether you are an athlete or just someone who desires healthy and delicious water, the CitiPure Water Filtration System will not let you down. All you need is one system to provide your family with this life-changing water for a full year (based on the average use by four people).


CitiPure’s one-of-a-kind filtration system mimics the natural process to create purified water. Each step works towards re-engineering water to it’s truest, nutrient-rich form.


Once you try it you will never want to drink anything else. Save money, save the planet, and save yourself. Ditch water bottles for good and make the switch to the Water Filtration System. It is one decision you will not regret. .


Traditional reverse osmosis drinking system, filtration system, water softener and water conditioner also available. Please ask for details if interested. It will be more economical.